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Why would you want to be homeless?

This weekends activities included visiting Chicago's Roosevelt & Dan Ryan's tent city to hand out masks, the mission on Canal Street, and we engaged persons at 19th & Ruble where underneath the Dan Ryan exist a homeless community. As we handed out masks people played spades, dominos, laughed, joked, and appeared to be at peace. One man thanked Olivia as we left and gave the thumbs up sign letting her know what she was doing was amazing.

Olivia asked, "Why are they so happy?". And my response was "what do they have to lose?. Happy is on the inside, not the outside."

In my "Chicago 77" series a homeless man explained if he couldn't take his dog with him, he'd rather be homeless. Another said rents were too high and he'd rather be on the street. Another had been to Iraq and couldn't live in closed quarters. Overall, I explained to Olivia that we were there as servants. God's agents if you will, and our job was to hand out masks and water to those that needed them. Why a person is homeless is there business, but in the midst of their homelessness OliviaDruCares was able to help fulfill the Governor's order and bring a little joy to those that may not have it.

Andrew Tyler

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