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Women's History Month by Andrew Tyler

I heard a Doctor say on a zoom summit call over the weekend that children can have learning fatigue with a host of other symptoms that can cause them to go into depression. Me having never attended school during a pandemic, our daughter expressed to us that learning fatigue was real and at 8 years old she's starting to feel irritations that we can't identify with. Having to stare at a computer from 8am to 2pm, not being around friends, not having a scheduled playtime to look forward to, etc, can be difficult for anyone, especially an 8 year old, and being responsible for assignments while in most cases not having the ability to communicate effectively in learning situations with teachers is a feeling some parents can't understand because their working. It was brought to our attention on the news that girls are struggling more than boys virtually and going into depressions.

Make sure you love on your children today and help them as best you can. This morning I opened the shades and allowed sunlight to graze our Childs face. We set flowers on the table and asked her what she wanted for lunch today rather than telling her what she's going to have.

This Women's history month let us support both our Princesses and Queens.

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