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Thankful For A Church Family

OliviaDruCares partnered with REACH Ministries Inc food pantry in an effort to assist those in need of food and coverings. While there she asked, "What happens when we run out of bread?", as she loaded bread into each vehicle.

I explained to her there is a God that never allows the righteous to be forsaken, nor His children begging for bread. I also told her there are people out there willing to give their last to help others. That's how we don't run out of bread. And while I was touched by her concern, I thought about how we have food shortages all over this world right now. Consider it. What happens when bread runs out? What happens when factories have to shut down because workers are sick? Not one for too many dark moments but from the mouths of babes we are hearing pure authentic thoughts about our next meal. Olivia Dru Tyler really does care.

I want to thank REACH for allowing Olivia the opportunity to serve and bring joy to those that may have experienced pain in these trying times.

Andrew Tyler

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