OliviaDruCares Partners with The Salvation Army (Accidents Happen!)

Updated: May 9, 2020

Last week while delivering bandana masks. Mommy told me to go to my friend Adele's house to drop off her mask. I remembered there was a maroon vehicle in the driveway so Daddy and I went to deliver.

We accidentally ended up going to the wrong house, but turns out it wasn't a mistake or accident. Ms Senn, the homeowner, knew me from the Butterfield East Facebook site and she asked my Dad if we could give away masks at her workplace which was the Salvation Army.

Today I gave away 300 masks, and was interviewed by The Salvations Army's Blog, NBC Channel 5 News, and Fox 32.

Accident's do happen, and I thank God for all of his Accidents.

OliviaDruCares: Olivia Tyler

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