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OliviaDruCares & Infinity Studios - ACE Universal

Funny how time goes by. OliviaDruCares has ben functioning since April 25th, 2020. Since that day God has really been good to Olivia's vision.

On Tuesday Olivia was interviewed by The Daily Herald and on Wednesday OliviaDruCares was on the cover of DuPage County's largest News Paper. Thank you to Ms Marie Wilson for her hard work and dedication. A special thank you to Mark for shooting and giving us amazing photos.

Wednesday afternoon after the excitement kicked in, we were brought back to a harsh reality. People are still homeless. People need masks and people need a place to live. We linked up with Mr Wayne Ware, CEO and Founder of Infinity Studios and ACE Universal. He runs an organization called Fire Fighters United and we went out on his fire truck to get busy.

On our mission we met State Senator The Honorable Howard B. Brookins. Olivia showed him how to put on one of her mask and he was in a joyous place. We have a new friend in the Senator and we couldn't be more happy.

Then we met former Running Back for the Arizona Cardinals, Pastor Wayne L. Smith. He has a church next to the Veteran facility we handed out mask at. He let us use his lot to hand out over 100 masks. What an amazing man to speak with.

OliviaDruCares will be meeting with one of our State Representatives Friday to discuss what's needed. We want to thank you for all of your support and we'll keep doing our part to fight homelessness.

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