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OliviaDruCares & Governor JB Pritzker

I think about God's Word and how we are to call things as though they were. Scripture declares that your yes should be yes and your no should be no. We're given instruction, no, we're given commands to feed the hungry, love our neighbor as if they were ourselves, clothe and provide shelter for those that are in need. If you do it to the least of these you've struck a chord in God's atmospheric realm that will produce something beyond mankind's understanding.

Here's a 7 year old that simply wants to help the homeless. By seeing the world not as it is, but as she wants it to be. This child was deemed the 7 Year Old with the heart of Gold on the TODAY Show. My beautiful precious special fearfully and wonderfully made Olivia Dru Tyler. I love you so much and you've made me so proud.

Daddy - Andrew N. Tyler

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