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Board of Directors

Jackie Price Osafo.jpg

Jackie Price Osafo – Chair

Society of American Archivists

Lombard, IL4

Subrena Hill.jpg

Subrena Hill - Vice Chair

Hill STS Training Classes LLC

Minneapolis, MN

Shana A Whitehead.jpg

Shana Whitehead - Secretary

Blue Cross Blue Shield Assocation

Chicago, IL

Rose George2.jpg

Rose George Greer - Treasurer

Focus Beyond Transition Services

St. Paul, MN

Andrew Tyler.jpg

Andrew N. Tyler - Director

Tylerman Films, LLC.

Lombard, IL

Kim Spurlock.jpg

Kim Spurlock - Director

City of North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, NV

Headshot 2.jpg

Linda kay Tyler - President

Lombard, IL

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